We love that our patients feel inspired to write about the treatment they received here at Nexus Physiotherapy Clinic. Here are some of the latest reviews from patients.

Mark Gower

Injury - Recovering from right knee ACL surgery, pure sports medicine were fantastic. I owe all my recovery to Imran, gave me a proper structure to follow and a variety of exercises as well as sound advice which aided my recovery. I would recommend him and Nexus Physiotherapy Clinic as a must see for anyone recovering from a serious injury.

Alison Kent

Cannot recommend Nexus Physiotherapy Clinic highly enough! I had a major injury of neck and right shoulder earlier this year and they have worked incredibly hard to get me not only back to strength but actually stronger than I have ever been!

The onsite sessions are well structured with a good mixture of discussion and practical work in gym and you are sent away with comprehensive training / physio plans.

Louise Potter

After months of being in pain after a bad road traffic accident I just wanted to express how grateful I am for the treatment I received at the Nexus Physiotherapy Clinic. It has helped so much...both physically and mentally. Just as I was giving up all hope of never losing the constant pain and never smiling again the treatment worked its magic. Thank you so much for making me feel human again.

Abigail Robinson

I was referred to Imran with Plantar Faciitis about 4 months ago I injured my foot while training for the London 10k - could hardly walk - after only 6 sessions I am now 95% healed - ran 6k recently pain free - I could not give Imran a better reference - he really knows his stuff especially about running - he is really diligent and responsive and has adjusted my treatment in line with my recovery. He also has advised me on running technique, stretching and strength / conditioning work to make sure the problem does not come back. He is awesome!

Leanne Stone

I called the Nexus Physiotherapy clinic after having severe back pain and sciatica, and was offered a same-day appointment. Everyone who works there is really lovely and helpful! I saw Imran who was absolutely fantastic with both diagnosing my issue and aiding my recovery and I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Chris Knight

I had an operation to reconstruct a ligament in my knee and was referred to the Nexus Physio by my consultant. I had several sessions at the clinic as the rehabilitation after my type of operation takes several months. My physio liaised directly with my consultant and tailored my rehabilitation to my specific goals. This kept me interested and motivated through the whole process and I achieved my goals sooner than expected. The gym and rehabilitation facilities are excellent and ideal for making a quick recovery.

Nigel Nelson

I injured my ankle playing football on a Sunday and the next day I could hardly walk. I was able to get an appointment on the same day at the clinic. The physiotherapist was able to diagnose my injury and reassure me nothing was broken. All aspects of my treatment were explained to me and I got back to playing in three weeks.